Let's not argue about that now. We've got bigger problems.

Ten minutes after the knockout, the boxer regained consciousness.

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These suitcases are really heavy.

Hey, it's my job.

Van is still unemployed.

The newcomer carried off the first prize.

We hope it rains today.

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My voice has gone because of my cold.

How long have you and Raphael been roommates?

He's what we call an honor student.

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?

Knowledge of computers is basic to all sciences.

We have no secrets.

At travel plazas in Germany, many people eat currywurst with french fries.

Did Ben steal something again?

Since he became a third year student, the only day he came to school was the day of the opening ceremony.


Having asked Jordan to watch after the house, I went out.


Vince could be a flight risk.

Your order has been canceled.

I just wanted you to look at this.

I'm not a fighter.

Tigger was very courteous to us.


The thief hid in the dark doorway.

Martin often buys clothes online.

Chris noticed Kate walking through the neighborhood with a strange boy.

She was working last night.

He will never forgive my debt.

Joon has been fired from every job he's ever had.

There were no people in the village.

This is the free one.

I cannot do without sugar in my coffee.

Ann found the test difficult.

Who do you talk to?

My train leaves at seven, arriving in Tokyo at nine.

This is the book to read.

She told me you were sick.

There's something I think I should tell you.

Show me your sketches.

Once you start eating popcorn, it's nearly impossible to stop.

Lord sped up and caught up with Courtney.

Lois knew better than to ask Hubert what she thought.

Did you lose weight?

Comprehension is fundamental.

We had known him for five years when he died.

What the fuck are you up to taking advantage of his proximity to cling to him like a wet T-shirt?!

Call this number.

Time presses.


Where are the restrooms?

Just do the job.

Sundaresan sounds upset.

We appreciate your interest.

I cannot see you without thinking of your late father.

We strive for perfection.

It was one of the great discoveries in science.

This is a huge honor.

I gave my word.

Rainforests provide the earth with many benefits.

Would you mind if I made a few suggestions?


I'm getting incredibly tired of you bullying me all the time.


"You're lucky! Your change comes to exactly 256 yen." "What do you mean by exactly?" "It's exactly two to the power of eight."


When was the last time you went to an art gallery?

Lieutenant Dan Anderson was called to a second murder scene.

Ben suffered minor injuries.

What would the advantages be?

I have the same symptoms.


Byron has contributed a lot of money to the charity.

They don't talk to us anymore.

Laurent gave his dog a good scratch behind the ears.

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Bless someone today.


I asked my teacher what to do next.

The sentence is not grammatically accurate.

Well, I loved it.

He was guarded in his remarks.

Now there was once a maiden whose name was Jorinda. She was prettier than all the pretty girls that ever were seen before, and a shepherd lad, whose name was Jorindel, was very fond of her, and they were soon to be married.

Did Morton buy a raffle ticket?

He showed up late to practice.

I haven't been outside in weeks.

If you want to change your mind, it's OK with me.

When do I get my car back?

Becky never said he would go to Boston with us.


I'm Peggy's nanny.

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I want Vivek to know I've got no beef with him.

Glynn lived for thirty years.

Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.

I never should've come here.

Don't play dumb. Answer my question properly!

One won't profit by an insincere gift.

I'll need Raj's help.

Keep in touch.

I'm looking forward to come in Turkey!

It's clear that he doesn't want to talk to me.

What did Mikael build?

Please make three copies of each page.

There are no victims.

You don't need to make a decision right now.

Students arriving late will not be permitted to enter the hall.


I already spoke to Johann.

Holly said he didn't know when he was supposed to meet Rudolph at the airport.

What are you doing with these dolls?

He is the Edison of Japan.

It's a bit much to expect me to pay the bill.

Everyone around here likes us.

Tell Marek what's on your mind.

When can we sit to eat?

Avery asked us to leave him alone.

He's used to traveling.

It's about time we did away with this outdated law.

I think you know where I want to go.

They will bring Tareq.

I'm not normal.

Which do you like better, chicken or fish?


I've got better things to do.

Norm took his guitar out of its case and started playing.

I'd like to rent your most inexpensive car for a week.


We must get back to the ship.


Human nature revolts against such a crime.

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I'm afraid you've taken the wrong seat.

The Constitution gives certain rights to the states.

It's only for a few weeks.

Stagger, hold up.

That being the case, instead of elaborating on these two reports, I should like to say a few words to corroborate the arguments behind them.

My mother faints every time she sees a mouse.

He earns his living by writing.

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Even though I wanted to help Loren, I wasn't able to.

Malaclypse said something in French.

He was bidding for popular support.

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He hit the bull's-eye.

I saw many people who had no clothes and I saw many clothes which had no people in them.

I do want to open it.

Are you sure we're going the right way?

I don't think she cares.

Palm oil is destroying the rainforest.

Kenn had no idea how tired Wes was.

My French is very limited.

Could you shut the door?

We expect him to come back soon.

Turn this to the right, and the machine will start.

Do you like sushi?

That was Mike's only fault.

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We were waiting for him for a long time.

Sandy wrote down Jordan's telephone number.

Rumour has it that he got someone pregnant again.

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They haven't found her.


You really fooled her.

I won't let them escape.

You could've told me the truth.

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He disappeared suddenly under very mysterious circumstances.

In this flat lives an evil spirit.

Never stay away from school without good cause.

The chemical symbol H expresses hydrogen.

Elias was arrested last year.

Alain didn't laugh, did he?

Takao worked hard only to fail the exam.


She is determined to leave the company.

We're pretty excited about it.

I've known you for a long time.

I waited for her as long as two hours.

Experience is the best of schoolmasters, only the school-fees are heavy.

I was busy doing something else.

This dictionary has been of great use to me.


I just needed more room.

I'm not sure I trust Walter.

Do not annoy me!

They slowly approached her.

Your dreams will come true.


Drop in and see us when you're next in Kobe.

He killed the girl in cold blood just to get the money.

I love to watch movies of apocalypses as they happen!

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Steven was eating alone.

Do you watch the news every day?

This tie suits him well.